“Amanda! Don’t TOUCH That!”

02/12/2016 § 3 Comments

2016_02_12 Clarke House Dining Room Closeup

We formal furnishings feign fragility.  Keeps krappy kids kornered.

A Painful SIT-uation

02/10/2016 § 21 Comments

I hate to bother that fellow while he’s reading, but I wonder if he has any Preparation H.

Uh, Just Learn to HANDLE It!

02/08/2016 § 15 Comments

2016_02_08 Snow Shovel

Have you ever stopped to contemplate what it must be like to be me, a snow shovel?  I get my bottom scraped all day and my top piled with snow. . . .  I can tell by your body language that you’re not listening.

More Later: Lyle’s Letters from the University–Letter #1 (of 42)

02/06/2016 § 7 Comments

So that no one needs to go through a “Graff attack” (acute withdrawal) for more than one day, I’ve decided to start sharing on Saturdays the letters from my zany book of fiction in the order that they appear in the book:

Letter #1: Tipping Trials

[Click on image below to see a full-screen view of the cover.]


Red Axe Books, UK, 2015. Available for $6.99 USD here at Amazon.com.

Separation Anxiety

02/05/2016 § 5 Comments


They took us apart for cleaning, and we just can’t handle it.

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