Maybe They’re Just Feeling DOWN

03/31/2015 § Leave a comment

Cactus and Begonia

Maybe we’re just being paranoid, but we think that you guys up there are eavesdropping.

Getting High on Light

03/30/2015 § 13 Comments

High Window

I might look like a useless window, but every day the home owner puts a stepladder on the landing and spends hours staring out.  Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Get a Life.”

Probably Didn’t Cross Her Mind

03/27/2015 § 22 Comments

Chocolate Cookies

We’re in the back because we’re rejects, not good enough for the bake sale.  Doesn’t she know what this does to a cookie’s self-esteem?  I’m so depressed.

Will the CEO Listen to an Irate BOWL?

03/26/2015 § 12 Comments

Plastic Bowls

The woman who wrapped us at the factory said that we would be lovingly used for food.  She probably says that to all the bowls.  Clearly, we’re going to be dirty-water catch basins.  I’m going to report that woman.


03/25/2015 § 10 Comments

Gnarled Trees

No, that’s a fine approximation of a haunted tree, Godfrey.  The reason I’m not scared out of my mind is that it’s 10:00 a.m.

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