Better Save Some Green

10/02/2015 § 6 Comments

2015-10-02 Food Court

I don’t think this is our natural habitat.  I just can’t get Samoa off my bucket list.

Moral: Don’t Climb BEANSTALKS!

09/30/2015 § 11 Comments

Inch Worm

I think those are beans, but since they could be insects who’ve evolved to look like beans, I’m outta here!


09/28/2015 § 11 Comments

Car Between the Lines

As a car, I think this place gives new meaning to parking between the lines.

She’s Going to Tinker with His Bell

09/25/2015 § 9 Comments

Fairy Garden

LOOK AT THIS!  I told the landscaper I wanted a “low-maintenance lawn.”  Wait until I use it as “low-maintenance fairy dust” on his head.

Privacy Setting: “High”

09/23/2015 § 24 Comments

Greenhouse Pond

Pond I am.    Deep.    Wet.    Wide.    (That’s all I share with people not on my contact list.)

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