I’ll Second That

11/25/2015 § 4 Comments

Washed Pots

We’ve had our annual end-of-season bath.  We’re ecstatic, but our owner has tabled our emotions.

How COULD She?

11/23/2015 § 8 Comments

2015_11_23 Ridges Fall Parking Lot

I think we’re allowed to stay green all winter because Mother Nature gets Seasonal Affective Disorder if everything’s bare.

Yeah, Right.

11/20/2015 § 6 Comments

2015_11_20 Southside Park Toy Car

I am the prototype for the next-generation hovercraft. The handle lets you move me to a different parking space without getting back into the car.

No Reservations!

11/18/2015 § 16 Comments

Kairos Cookies

Our combined tribes have the palefaces surrounded.  Now they’ll have to give us our lands back.

He Also Wore Plaid with Paisley

11/16/2015 § 12 Comments

2015_11_18 Ridges Lin Hall

My two towers are different.  Not surprising from an architect who wore mismatched socks.  The lack of symmetry drives me insane!

Inside joke.  This is the former Athens Mental Hospital.

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