Needled by the Thought, Fir Sure

12/19/2014 § 2 Comments

Tree Lights

As an artificial Christmas tree, this is my favorite time of year.  I’m the focal point of the house for December and entombed in a box in the basement the rest of the year.  How could a family be so insensitive?

Unsocial Networking

12/18/2014 § 8 Comments

Gold and White

We’ve been grouped on this table for the sole reason that we’re all white and gold.  Don’t assume that  I want to be your Facebook friend or follow you on Twitter.

“You’ll (Not) Go Down In Hist-OR-y”

12/17/2014 § 14 Comments


I’m Gildolph, the gold-nosed reindeer.  Just my luck that when Santa needed a shiny-nosed guide, I was off relieving myself.

Stuck in a Sled-End Job

12/16/2014 § 15 Comments


You want to go outside to experience gliding on real snow.  You sleigh me, Victor.

Philosophically or Artistically?

12/15/2014 § 9 Comments

White Window Display

We’re pine cones and berries and feathers resting on fake snow inside, while there’s green grass outside.  Is no one else bothered by this arrangement?

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