Cut That Piece First

02/27/2015 § 3 Comments

A beautiful retirement cake has the words, "We will miss you Sue!"
As the retirement cake, I am, next to the honoree, the center of attention. I don’t think they’re going to miss her as much as they claim. Her name is Sandra.

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared March 8, 2012.

Making Enemies: Not a Winning Strategy

02/26/2015 § 4 Comments

Photo of 3 miniature African Violets whose pots are lined up in an oblong terra-cotta tray.
You might have won the “First to Bloom” competition, Cindy, but the two of us have just voted you off the island.

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared April 2, 2012.

Doesn’t That Fall under “Unmentionables”?

02/25/2015 § 4 Comments

Phot: Several shelves in a china shop are filled with dozens of miniature tea sets.  The shelves are lined with lace.
Grandma, tell us again about the day that the bull got in here.  Were you scared? Did you wet your doily?

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared February 3, 2012.

Verses from the Heart

02/24/2015 § 4 Comments

My chain is stretched,
and since that started,
I’m afraid of being
broken hearted.

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared January 17, 2012.

A Hard Life. (DUH!)

02/23/2015 § 5 Comments

Fashion Bunny

GOODNESS!  There’s a strong wind this morning!  Of course it’s only an imaginary wind.  Of course I’ll be in this back-breaking pose forever.  I wish I had never been kilned.

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