Moral: Don’t Ask Dirt

10/09/2015 § 2 Comments

2015_10_09 View from Motel 4

I am a farm field, planted in rows.
How this is done nobody knows.
If you came here for answers,
I’ll take a guess: hoes.



10/07/2015 § 1 Comment


The above image was the top banner for this blog when it started on November 1, 2010.

Every October for 5 years, I’ve had to pay WordPress $18.00 to reserve the domain name (Otherwise, the site would be

At the beginning of the summer (when the blog went from a M-F blog to a M-W-F one), I said that I was considering ending the blog on its 5th anniversary on November 1 this year, so I’ve had to decide whether or not to pay the fee again.

I paid the $18.00, and I will continue the blog at least through the end of 2015.

I have always kept the blog subscription-free. If you would like to contribute $1.00 USD to help defray my costs, you can do so through this link:

Sunset Lament

10/07/2015 § 8 Comments

2015_10_07 Amish Petunias

Concrete in front of me, crushed rock around me, bricks behind me.  Hardly a day goes by.

He Has an EEK!-ernet Connection

10/05/2015 § 7 Comments

2015_10_05 Spider and Web

All done!  I now have a web address.

Better Save Some Green

10/02/2015 § 13 Comments

2015-10-02 Food Court

I don’t think this is our natural habitat.  I just can’t get Samoa off my bucket list.

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