Moral: THINK Before You Pun

07/06/2015 § 6 Comments

Fountain Frog

It never fails.  The second I tell people I’m connected to this birdbath by 2 rivets, they say, “rivet, rivet.”  They start to squirm when I give them this “That stopped being funny years ago” look.

AND at the Shoulders, Knees, Ankles . . .

07/03/2015 § 5 Comments

Mosaic Benches

Yes, you’re my better half, and obviously your jokes crack us both up, but I feel like we’re connected at the hip.

Is Also Adept at PhotoShop

07/01/2015 § 17 Comments

Dog Portrait

I’m helping the photographer with this shot by positioning my nose so it’s framed by the mat and aligns with the line of the planter base.  I have an un-canine-y sense of design.

It’s a Frabricus Pinwheelius

06/29/2015 § 7 Comments

Strange Flower

So no one has any idea what kind of flower it is?  No one has seen a flower that spins?  I wish I still had my college taxonomy book.

Not in the Mood

06/26/2015 § 14 Comments

Good Fruit Display

You’d think we’d be excited — so colorful, so festive, so nicely arranged.  But every last one of us has been yanked from a tree, a vine, a bush, etc.  Forgive us for feeling detached.

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