Unhappy Highlanders

08/28/2015 § 12 Comments

2015_08_28 Geranium with Nest

FACT: We are not orchids.  FACT: In our natural habitat, we’re ground growers.  FACT: We’d like to put people in hanging baskets and water them once a week.

One Giant Task for Womenkind

08/26/2015 § 6 Comments

Apollo 11 Glasses

We were created by people on Earth to commemorate Man landing on the moon.  Woman hasn’t landed on the moon yet.  If she had, there would be a whole lot less dust; she would have pulled in some color to offset the gray; and what Man left lying around everywhere would be stored or donated.

Funny You Should Say That

08/24/2015 § 11 Comments

Veggie Plate

We tomatoes are on the top of the heap when it comes to humor.  The rest of you are just cut-ups.


08/21/2015 § 10 Comments

2015_08_21 Wooden Candleholders

Yes, I’ve pondered the reason for the holes.  I think they’re the windows to our souls.

An OVEN Is Like a Cave!

08/19/2015 § 11 Comments

Easter 2015 Breakfast

If we’re for a small, intimate dinner, some of us might survive.  If we’re for a banquet, we’re toast!  That’s slang for dead if you’ve lived in a cave.

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