Why He Looks a Bit Withdrawn

01/30/2015 § 7 Comments

I’m going to have to find a new bank. As I was walking in today to make a deposit, I heard the bank president telling a young staffer that he wanted “no more monkey business.”

A Daily Graff Classic.  First appeared June 13, 2011.

Their Privacy Is on the Rocks

01/29/2015 § 12 Comments

I totally agree, Cynthia. This DOES make it harder for the visitors to find us, but my neck is killing me!

A Daily Graff Classic.  First appeared July 11, 2011.

Lofty Aims

01/28/2015 § 8 Comments

a concrete garden bench

Many words of lovers have been spoken over me, and I provide a place of quiet rest for the weary. What I provide for those horrible, loathsome birds is a target.

A Daily Graff Classic.  First appeared May 20, 2011.

Eye Don’t Know About That . . .

01/27/2015 § 11 Comments

A pair of eyeglasses in a case that looks like a coffin with 2 onlooking pairs of glasses

The Godfather was wrong to have Bugsy rubbed out. He was framed.

A Daily Gaff Classic.  First appeared March 25, 2011.

And HE’S Sitting By the Fire Inside

01/26/2015 § 7 Comments

Jan 24 Snowfall 2

Since my owner planted me as a baby shrub, he makes sure I have food and water all summer.  Never once during the winter, though, has he offered me a blanket or a cup of hot cocoa.

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