Maybe If You Got the Lead Out . . .

02/01/2016 § 9 Comments

Flower Basket Stained Glass

One’s reputation is important,
but mine’s in question, alas;
since the day I was born,
they’ve called me stained glass.

Merry Christmas!

12/25/2015 § 12 Comments

2015_12_25 Nativity Scene

The fruit of Glad Tidings,
the reason for Cheer,
the Day Long Awaited,
Christmas is Here.
Best Wishes to you
from All of the Staff
(that’s just Me Really)
at The Daily Graff.

Photos for Dec. 16-25 taken (with permission of staff) at Tis the Season Christmas Shoppe, Ohio’s largest year-round Christmas store. For a video tour of the store, click here.

Be Patient, Deer.

12/21/2015 § 10 Comments

2015_12_21 Illuminated Deer

I wonder what all those ANGELS are rehearsing for?  They sure make it hard to SLEEP.

Let There Be Light

12/14/2015 § 6 Comments

2015_12_14 Shining Tree

Lo, how bright the tree,
full of color and light.
Think how dark our December would be
had the babe not been born that night.

This Might Be the ONLY Time

04/24/2015 § 7 Comments

Sun on Angel Soft

As a newborn, I don’t know everything, but I suspect that bath tissue doesn’t often get the spotlight.

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