Sleeping through the Apparitions

09/30/2014 § 9 Comments


Go back!  We can’t escape this way!

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YOUR Chance to Write the Caption!

09/22/2014 § 19 Comments


This is the 1,000th Daily Graff!  To celebrate I’m giving YOU the chance to write the caption.  Simply leave it as a comment.  Then keep clicking on this same comment link to see how your caption compares to the others as they are added!  This is your chance for your 15 nanoseconds of FAME!  Many THANKS to the nearly 1,000 followers who have made this blog a success!

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That’s Flat-Out DUMB!

09/15/2014 § 13 Comments

White Shadow

I’m a white shadow, a contradiction in terms.  In my brief, fleeting existence, this has always caused internal conflict, heightened by the fact that I was raised by a single parent, the Sun.

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Has Better “Betters”

07/02/2014 § 4 Comments


Ah, sunlight glinting off of my golden rim.  Is there anything better?  I’m talking about the effect of sunlight here.  Being in a love relationship with another vase would certainly trump this.  And then there’s chocolate.

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Paternal Platitude

05/23/2014 § 7 Comments


I have the best spot in the house.  I get morning sun from the dining room windows and afternoon sun from this living room window.  As my dad, who was a houseplant in a business, always said, “Location is Everything.”

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