This Might Be the ONLY Time

04/24/2015 § 7 Comments

Sun on Angel Soft

As a newborn, I don’t know everything, but I suspect that bath tissue doesn’t often get the spotlight.

Be Honest: Did You See It Coming?

04/21/2015 § 5 Comments

Sun on RockerSun on Kitchen Chair

We’re dating ourselves, but we’re co-chairs of the John Denver Fan Club, and . . . (wait for it ) . . . Sunshine on Our Shoulders Makes Us Happy.

Medalists With a Mission

04/20/2015 § 8 Comments

Sun on Walls

We sunbeams have to be gymnasts–performing aerial feats to bridge gaps, making flawless 90-degree turns, and finishing smoothly.  We always go for GOLD.

Getting High on Light

03/30/2015 § 15 Comments

High Window

I might look like a useless window, but every day the home owner puts a stepladder on the landing and spends hours staring out.  Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Get a Life.”

New Daily Graff Photos at FineArtAmerica

03/22/2015 Comments Off on New Daily Graff Photos at FineArtAmerica

Click on the links below the images to see full-screen versions of my latest offerings at FineArtAmerica:

Pathway to the Light

Pathway to the Light (taken at The Washington National Cathedral)

Home Owner

Home Owner (a digitally enhanced “painting” of our dog, “Holly”)

Green Eden

Green Eden



Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

See ALL of the available images here.

Please consider supporting this blog by purchasing one of my artworks or my recently publish book.  (When people compliment you on your good taste, you can say, “I know the artist/author well!”)  –John

P.S.  The Greeting cards are $4.45 each,  $2.25/card (in packs of 10), or $1.75/card (in packs of 25).

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