Trust Your Feelings

01/29/2016 § 7 Comments

Glessner House Master Bedroom 2

I feel like such a dummy.

Thanks to All Who Have Signed on in Recent Months

01/27/2016 § 7 Comments

Bacon before BakingBacon after Baking

I started TheDailyGraff in 2010.  In the first 2-3 years, I tried to individually thank people who signed up to get the posts in their e-mail inboxes, but I couldn’t keep up with it.  Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you.  As a thank you, I’m sharing a recent discovery that makes making bacon a breeze. You’ll never cook bacon any other way again!

Baked Bacon

1. Place bacon in a rimmed cookie sheet.
2. Place in a cold oven and turn it to 400 degrees.
3. In 20 minutes or so, you will have perfect bacon (start watching after 17 minutes).
4. Drain bacon on paper towels.

[For my vegan and vegetarian followers, just know that I love you in a leafy way!]

Wants to Hear a Pin Drop!

01/27/2016 § 8 Comments

Clarke House Entrance Hall

As an entrance hall, I’m not a room or a destination.  People only use me to come and go.  I wish I had been born a bowling alley.

It’s All Relative

01/25/2016 § 9 Comments

Snow on Bench

I’m a 9-inch snowfall, but like the runt of the litter.  Some of my distant kin back East this weekend are 2-3 feet!  Still, I beat out any of my kind who have ever been to Miami.

Not a GOOD Idea

01/22/2016 § 15 Comments

All Done

My mother taught me to see the good in every situation.  I’m sending her a selfie.

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