Standing Tall. Clearly Courageous.

02/20/2015 § 8 Comments

Milk Crate

So, the rest of you are in here for petty crimes.  I’m in here for standing up for my beliefs.

HATES Living on the Edge

02/19/2015 § 16 Comments

High Shelf

SUSAN!  Take a clue from the rest of us and DON’T LOOK DOWN!  You’ll just have another PANIC ATTACK!

A Dying Wish

02/18/2015 § 8 Comments

2015_02_18 Sorted Laundry

I PROMISE I won’t fade on you.  Please, please, PLEASE let me join your wash load.

A Bit Too Edgy

02/17/2015 § 11 Comments

2013_02_17 Footboard

When I was at the lumberyard, I didn’t ask to be the top of a footboard.  People are constantly banging their shins against me and grumbling.  I wanted to be the top of a mantle.

Seeing Red

02/16/2015 § 21 Comments

2015_02_16 Two Cardinals

I thought that dressing up as a red heart would be all the Valentine’s Day gift you would need, Dear, but since you’re giving me the cold shoulder, I’ll add it to the two I’ve already got.

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