08/17/2015 § 10 Comments

I booked a vacation on the Black Sea.  I don’t think this is the Black Sea.  I can sing a Swan Song for THIS vacation.

And God Said: “What on EARTH?”

08/14/2015 § 15 Comments

2015_08_14 Seedlings

I can’t explain why we have broad leaves and all of you have finely cut leaves.  Our seeds just knew what to do!  Maybe they researched it on Google before going underground.

Reconsidering in the Light of Day

08/12/2015 § 16 Comments

Auction Lamps

QUIT YOUR GRIPING!  We’re table lamps and we’re on a table, right?  Sure, we’re unplugged, we’ve lost our homes, we’re crowded, it’s hot . . .  Uh, resume griping.

They’re Berry Unhappy

08/10/2015 § 13 Comments

Easter 2015 Breakfast 7

It’s insane that we’re part of this fruit salad.  We’re nuts!

Daily Graff Update

08/09/2015 § 23 Comments


Dear Followers,

Those of you who were followers before the summer know that, up until June 1, these blog posts appeared every weekday since day 1 on Nov. 1, 2010.  I moved to a Mon.-Wed.-Fri. format for the summer months this year, saying that I would consider returning to a Mon.-Fri. format in September.  I also said that I was considering ending the blog on its 5th anniversary this fall.

While I have made no final decision about ending the blog, I have decided that, to keep the blog fun for ME, I will continue to post just 3 days a week in Sept. and Oct.

Thank you for following!  It would be NO fun to post funny-captioned photos if no one tuned in.

THE PHOTO: “Seduction,” * one of my offerings of Daily Graff photos available for purchase at FineArtAmerica (in various sizes and formats).  Please check them out here.


*It’s a closeup of a bloom from my rosebush named “Don Juan.”  See a description here.


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