What Trees Think

07/22/2015 § 8 Comments

Two Old Trees

You and I have grown very slowly since we were planted here 75 years ago, but these two haven’t grown an inch since they were planted.  Maybe the boxes they put under them are the problem.

A Hobby That Gets into the Veins

07/20/2015 § 19 Comments

Angel Wing Begonia

It’s no wonder we’re feeling used.  Ever since our plant discovered Ancestry.com, she’s been trying to build her family tree.

What a SHOW Off!

07/17/2015 § 9 Comments

Long Shadows

I’m the best light source on earth, so no one makes better shadow puppets.

Should Have Taken a Carrot Cake

07/15/2015 § 10 Comments

Bent Sunflower

I’m so embarrassed.  I took a meatloaf to the neighborhood potluck, and they’re all vegetarians.

The Caption Went to Pot

07/13/2015 § 11 Comments

Little House Sign

I’m a big sign on a lawn about a Little House on the Prairie–a TV show where real people play an imaginary family.  If this messes with your mind, don’t worry.  These people are on grass.

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