Today: FREE SHIPPING on any of my FineArtAmerica Offerings

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FOR BLACK FRIDAY ONLY, FAA is offering free shipping ANYWHERE.  This means you could order any of my available photos on any of the available products and save the shipping cost (no coupon code needed, but order must be placed by midnight, Nov. 27, New York time).

Please check out my offerings at:


Daily Graff Photos Now Available for Purchase

01/19/2015 § 4 Comments

FAA Screenshot (1 of 1)

Dear Followers,

I have begun offering Daily Graff photos on products available at FineArtAmerica.  Each image can be purchased as a canvas print, a framed print, an art print, an acrylic print, a metal print, on a greeting card, or on a throw pillow.  (The red amaryllis was the very FIRST Daily Graff photo on Nov. 1, 2010!)

If you go to and click on one of the images, you will see the products using that image and the prices.

Please check out my new “store.”  I will be adding new images each week.


Name That Plant!

07/18/2013 § 18 Comments


I am a beautiful plant with a horrible name.  I’m a “Streptocarpus.”  If I had a dollar for every time that someone asked, “Isn’t that a dangerous bacteria?”, I’d be a billionaire.  No, that’s Streptococcus.  I’m seriously thinking of having my name legally changed to “Stradivarius.”  Just once it would be nice to hear someone ask, “Isn’t that a famous violin?”  It would be music to my ears.

Streptocarpus “Bristol’s Sally Mander”  Click here to see the Flickr photostream of my entire collection.

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Might Require Some Research

07/16/2013 § 8 Comments


WOW!  That wasn’t a rainstorm, it was a deluge.  I won’t have to apply moisturizers for the rest of my life!  Are you OK?  Here I am going on about hydration, and you could be unconscious for all I know.  Are you OK?  If you can’t talk, send me a message through our stem cells.

Blog milestone: July 15, 2013–Gained 400th follower.  Thanks, Raluca, of
A Stairway to Fashion.

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You Risk Old Testament Justice

06/25/2013 § 8 Comments

Blue and White Violet

Just HOW did the term “shrinking” EVER get associated with the term “violet”?  It implies that we’re shy, don’t want attention, and would run from danger.  I, for one, am NOT that kind of violet.  I’m an in-your-face, attention-grabbing, high-risk-taking violet.  I eat bugs for breakfast.  Use the term around ME and you risk an eye for a “shy” and a tooth for the truth!

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