Morning Musings

01/20/2017 § 2 Comments


YAWN! Sun says it’s time to get up, everyone. I’d like to sleep in once in a while, but then he hasn’t slept in a billion years. I’d be a hot-head too. And never a day off to catch some rays. Is there no fun in the sun?

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared April 8, 2013.

Odd Creatures at the Zoo

01/18/2017 § 13 Comments

2013_02_28 Pink Flamingoes

I’ve always wondered, why do they walk on two legs all day instead of giving each one a rest? And why are these creatures different colors? And of what possible use is a short neck? I am glad that they make them file past us every day so we can study them.

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared February 28, 2013.

Stay on Task, OK?

01/16/2017 § 7 Comments


Is there anything more beautiful than a snow-covered pine? I’m speaking categorically, of course, the category being trees. I don’t want to muddy the waters by comparisons to a beautiful painting or an exquisite piece of music. And we’d get into a real conundrum if we throw in abstract concepts such as “love” or “loyalty.” Let’s keep this simple, OK? Just tell me I’m gorgeous.

A Daily Graff Classic. First appeared January 4, 2013.

Weekend Postcard #7

01/14/2017 § 9 Comments


For 40+ Saturdays, I shared the humorous fictional letters from my book More Later, Lyle’s Letters from the University. Now on Saturdays I’m sharing an inspirational quote. My first 2 weekend postcards for 2017 concern the change in the U.S. administration.
My photo below is available for purchase (without the copyright notice). Click anywhere on the image to go to the options page.

(Prints as low as $16; customizable greeting cards = 1 for $4.20, 10 for $2.15 each, 25 for $1.65 each)


“Deep in the Great Smoky Mountains” (taken from a lookout point in Great Smoky Mountains National Park while vacationing in Pigeon Forge, TN, in August 2016 — before the wildfires)

Will It Be #1 or #2?

01/13/2017 § 9 Comments


I’ll be a mound of pristine snow until some dumb animal has to go.

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