When is a Bathroom like Washington?

02/01/2013 § 4 Comments


Because of all the leaks from the white tub, our cover has been blown, and our whole operation has been exposed.  Some of our seals might be in danger.  I might be a drain on this organization, but if the plumber doesn’t find who’s responsible for the leaks, I will, and that operative will be cut off from our sources and face punitive action.  I believe waterboarding is torture, but I might not care.

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§ 4 Responses to When is a Bathroom like Washington?

  • elmediat says:

    When is a Bathroom like Washington?
    Generally, when the pipes burst and the potamic waters hit the Cheeks-a-peek Bay, then the whole shebang crosses the Deleware. 😀

    Best I could do. I’m Canajen , eh. 🙂

    • I think “Cheeks-a-peek Bay” is exceptionally coined and deserves to enter the vernacular as a name for the “loo” (as they call it in England) or the “John” (as we call it in the states).

      I tell people that I am of the opinion that there should be at least one John in every building.

  • R4G says:

    A lot of pipe dreams and a flood of money down the drain.

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