True. What do THEY care?

03/22/2013 § 3 Comments


You’re confusing me.  You say that every week about this time the humans start getting excited about the weekend.  What’s a “weekend”?  No, let’s step back a little.  What’s a “week”?  And this “time” business–does it affect us?  I like to be a plant-in-the-know, so clue me in.

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§ 3 Responses to True. What do THEY care?

  • randomrose says:

    Now listen here bud, time does affect you cos I never see you flower late so you must clock watch or in your language ‘season watch’ same thing…..bud

    • These pampered plants don’t have to worry about seasons either, Rosemary, because the daylight is supplemented by 16 hrs/day artificial light. The “streps” bloom nonstop, while the violets bloom, rest briefly, and then send up another crop of buds. My light garden is a wonderful oasis of color all winter (and even now when our morning temps are still below freezing).

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