M. Antoinette: “Let Them Drink Decaf!”

05/08/2013 § 17 Comments


THOSE TWO AREN’T REAL COFFEE!  They have no body.  When people come up to the cart, one of us needs to speak up first and say, “Regular or decapitated?”

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§ 17 Responses to M. Antoinette: “Let Them Drink Decaf!”

  • elmediat says:

    Caffeine makes for a heady brew. Decaf is the way dego, when they shout ” Here comes de Judge !” . 🙂

  • R4G says:

    I’ve often inquired if the people who make coffee in church are on holy grounds.

  • Great pun! I’m definitely out of my head without REAL coffee.

    • You made my day/week/month, Sheri! On this blog the word “pun” has never before been modified by the adjective “great.” (SOME would say that “great pun” is a contradiction in terms.)

      I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 40. Then I discovered that it is the fabled Fountain of Youth.

      • I live in the land of plenty. Seattle has become well known for it, and our tiny town just east has 3 Starbucks locations and at least 5 independent espresso stand and shops. I have no fear of being stuck with decapitated coffee. 🙂

        • Once when I flew into Seattle for a conference in Bellingham, I visited the inspiration for all modern U.S. coffee houses–the Starbucks at Pike Place.

          • LOL…I too have been to the Mecca of all coffee beans, but I prefer the small roasters that handcraft in the European tradition. Starbucks has done much to raise awareness that coffee can be more than diesel fuel for human function, however. Now Bellingham…that’s a great town. Hope you got to look around a bit while you were there. Beautiful….when it’s not grey and raining sideways.

  • Yes, but where’s the cake?

    • Just to the right of the cart on the 3 banquet tables it took JUST to hold all of the desserts. The occasion was a potluck for 300 at our church Sunday night to celebrate the groundbreaking for a new addition. (I’m co-chair of the meal committee.)

    • It took 7 ADDITIONAL banquet tables to hold all of the OTHER carry-in dishes.

  • A person come up and one of the wise acre coffees says “Regular or decapitated” The person shook there head and left.

    The decaffinated coffee turned to the other coffees and said “Hey you two need to PERK up. Lets examine this cart for an INSTANT shall we. The creamer is fake the sweetener is fake. You say I am fake. That makes you to the minorities. I would not suggest you PRESS the issue and further less you should find you self moving to the back of the cart”

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