It IS Rather ODD

11/25/2013 § 12 Comments


What on earth was my architect thinking?  Every single one of my towers is a different size and shape.  I’m obsessive-compulsive, and the lack of symmetry drives me up my walls.  There isn’t enough medicine in the world that can make me OK with this!

The rear entrance to the Smithsonian Castle, Washington, D.C.

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§ 12 Responses to It IS Rather ODD

  • dhphotosite says:

    Eany meany miney mo…oh just build them all.

  • renegade4god says:

    Looks as though the tower up front is held at bay while someone got rooked on the tower to the left rear

  • econhoef says:

    Maybe the architect was really not finished, but the deadline was there, or maybe the architects’ brain was tilted.

  • Skye says:

    Oh, but it is soooo beautiful!! Sorry…no pun….just praise. I totally want you to plan my next trip to DC, Dear Friend!!!! Happy Monday!! Have a great week, and a blessed Thanksgiving!!

    • Be glad to help with the itinerary. My wife, son, and I made the most of our week there. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      • Skye says:

        The kids and I go there when we can. You seem to have found lovely spots that I have not. We have just stayed with the museums and zoo so far. Thanks, John!!! I will be back for your brains….well, to pick them. 🙂

  • Al says:

    I agree, what on earth WAS the architect thinking? Even the main tower is off.

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