Will They Keep Their Smiley Faces?

12/20/2013 § 10 Comments


Quick, tell me another joke.  All I keep thinking about is that soon we go back into that horrid storage bin.

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§ 10 Responses to Will They Keep Their Smiley Faces?

  • dhphotosite says:

    This is great…a month of freedom!!! I have to admit I can’t get rid of the stuffed critters we have either. After all, they have feelings too.

    • Exactly, David. Things come up to me, tug on my elbow, and tell their stories. My blog is just a conduit. I am now incapable of looking at inanimate objects and not seeing human-like dramas unfolding. Without sounding TOO grandiose, I have become “The Voice of the Voiceless.”

  • This reminds me of Toy Story 3. That movie made me cry because I felt so bad for all the toys that were forgotten and put away forever. My daughter still gives me stuffed animals sometimes which I display in various places in the house. My favorite duck sits nest to my computer and I look at it every day. It makes me smile.

    • After I invest inanimate object with the ability to talk, I feel somewhat guilty treating them as “things”: “Dear, do we really have to condemn the smiley-face guys to 11 months of cramped darkness? Have you no SOUL!” 🙂

  • econhoef says:

    For now, its curtains for both of you!

  • niasunset says:

    ….. 🙂 No problem for me to to see their smiling face forever…

    Thank you dear John, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Dearest Nia, the first person who responded to my blog in a BIG way, I wish you the warmest Christmas centered around loved ones, fond memories, and of course, food!

  • renegade4god says:

    They will not be able to contain their enthusiasm, though.

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