Sorry to Leave You Hanging

06/30/2014 § 27 Comments

Empty Hanging Planter

Dear Followers,

The plants, animals, and objects who speak through this blog are doing a humor “intervention” and asking me to take some time off. 

“But I’ve never missed a weekday post since the first one on November 1, 2010,” I protested.  They replied, “(1) You’ve become a slave to that commitment, (2) you used to be a week ahead in your posts, and now you’re barely a day ahead of your followers, and (3) you’ve snarled at us several times recently when you couldn’t put words in our mouths.” (They have a point there–actually three.)

I told them that I would not pause the posts abruptly–what would laurnaguiste7, theFarlley, criticaldispatches, drheckleandmrjibe, My Rainbow Travel, Santiago Bustamante González, and TheMistyLady, who all became followers within the last WEEK think–so I negotiated an “intervention suspension” until the month of August

August will be a good month for me to kick back.  On July 31, I am retiring from Ohio University’s distance-learning program after 36 years there.  August is also the month I become certifiably old, turning 65 and eligible for Medicare.  Another benefit is that I can build up a bank of blog photos (if my subjects cooperate) and not be running around frantically with a camera begging objects in the house to “say something–anything, I have a deadline to meet!” 

SO, this is a one-month “heads up” that my guest speakers will be doing what the people of France do–taking the month of August off.  Until then, I’ve threatened to resist recovery unless I get some pretty cooperative plants, animal, and objects during the month of July. 

I appreciate your understanding.  –John

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