A Gatekeeper With a God Complex

12/12/2014 § 13 Comments


I allow the family dog access to her favorite window but deny her access to the formal living room.  I giveth and I taketh away.

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§ 13 Responses to A Gatekeeper With a God Complex

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    (Dogs thoughts) How does this thing work? I know I’ve seen them do it
    a thousand times. Well I’ll just bark till they move this thing. It’s their job
    anyway. Maybe I’ll just show them how expendable they are. I’ll just
    sneak around and wet the rug.

  • NotAPunkRocker says:

    The dog just needs to stop acting like a baby, you are just doing your job.

  • Al says:

    Definitely a Gatekeeper with a Dog complex

    • It DOES work both ways (unless you’re dyslexic and thought you were just affirming the title).

      • Al says:

        I love the things around,

        “Can’t read? Contact us at this address”
        Stammer has m’s in it.
        Stutter has t’s
        There is the Dyslexia Association
        and the fear of long words?

      • Al says:

        Then you have the Dyslexic agnostic insomniac who stayed up all night wondering if there really was a dog

  • econhoef says:

    The dog “sees the light” and has no bone to pick with you. Guidance and direction provide no barking up the wrong tree nor barking in the living room- Just another dog day.

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