He Has THEM Pegged!

01/20/2015 § 8 Comments

Mantel Birds

I can’t be related to the rest of you.  I say, “Look!  There’s some flowers,” and, as if on cue, you look the wrong way.

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§ 8 Responses to He Has THEM Pegged!

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    Flowers: “Look at the beautiful birds”. Most of my colorful relatives look
    the wrong way. Flowers aren’t known for their cerebral accomplishments.

  • econhoef says:

    Wooden it be better if they had a bird brain?

  • renegade4god says:

    Based on his grammar, he’s definitely not of the same feather.

    • I unintentionally dimwitted him/her. I don’t know HOW many times I read that caption last night, but this morning the error kicked me in the gut. It’s fixed on the website, but I can’t change the e-mailed versions.

      • renegade4god says:

        It won’t cause me to tweet you any less respectfully. That would have to have been a pretty high kick, too.

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