Branching Out!

02/05/2015 § 12 Comments

Snowy Pine_300_Poster Edges_small

Red Gerbera _300_Accented Edges_small

Dear Followers:

Recently I told you that I had begun offering my Daily Graff photos for sale at FineArtAmerica.  Now I have begun to convert some of my blog photos into digital art

Above are the first two that I have created.  Click on either of the above images to see the various formats that can be ordered

To see all of the photos available (to date) at FAA click here.

To see the snowy pine photo in the original blog post click here.

To see the red flower photo in the original blog post click here.

Please spread the word!  THANKS for being such loyal followers (and thanks for enduring this commercial interruption)!


P.S. Note that a single greeting card costs $4.45, but a pack of 10 cards costs just $2.25 per card, and a pack of 25 cards costs just $1.75 per card.

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§ 12 Responses to Branching Out!

  • I tried to leave comments and needed to sign in which I had no problem with. I waited and waited for the site to send me a temporary password in my e-mail. I waited around for 15 minutes for the password but haven’t received it yet. I’m going to go ahead and work on other things but will be back to check on the password situation. I’m determined! Your work is awesome!!!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Sheri. I didn’t know that you have to sign in to leave a comment. Forget it and comment here if you want to say something about a particular photo.

      • John – I have my temp password now and will be going back for comments. You’ve probably already seen my comment about the pine tree on this blog. It’s (appropriate 365 days a year). I must admit, I miss the pine trees of North Carolina. They were so majestic and I could use them as the focal point as my Elizabethan Garden. [Garden center said I couldn’t have an Elizabethan Garden where we lived and of course, that meant game on for me]. I’ll have to post pictures of it some day. I modeled it somewhat after the Elizabethan Gardens on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Oh, how I miss my 3 acres of gardens in NC. However, I believe my gardens here will be awesome, once I have them planned and all completely planted here.
        It is not hard to sign in to Fine Art and one of the features they offer is notifying you of art and craft fairs where your favorite artist may be showing their work near to your area. Tom and I sorely miss high quality craft fairs where the entries are all judged by a panel of accomplished artisans before they are allowed to purchase booth space.

        • I would love to see photos of your past and present gardens. I can just IMAGINE you taking on a challenge someone told you can’t be done. We actually have quality craft fairs right here in Athens (with all the artists/artisans at the university).

          • Humm – wonder if I could get Tom to drive that far to a craft fair. We were talking last night about how much we missed attending them. I’ll scan some past photos of the gardens in NC – I wish I’d had better photography now as the gardeners of the Elizabethan Garden on the Outer Banks made the trip to see how I’d managed to turn our property (or at least a large area) into a true Elizabethan Garden. It was such fun.

  • John – Your work is awesome. I love the snowy pine. I’ll definitely be back. You are a true artist. Sheri

  • I’m off to have myself a look. Sounds like a perfect Friday activity to me.

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