Quick. What’s That in CENTIMETERS?

03/06/2015 § 8 Comments

Snow on Ruler Table

SOMEONE HELP!  I’m an inside ruler, not a snow gauge!  I can’t feel inches 1 through 10!

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§ 8 Responses to Quick. What’s That in CENTIMETERS?

  • econhoef says:

    That ruler suffers from frostbite. Stronger measures are necessary.

  • elmediat says:

    You should table the motion and demand a spring in your step.

    BTW Looks normal to me 😀

    • Oh SURE, Canadians get more snow. I just hope this isn’t our NEW normal.

      • elmediat says:

        White now, the new normal is “unique” and it is snow wonder we are all aghast-ski with parkas.

        Last year our area had record breaking ( in our case pool breaking ) snow levels. Seemed like everywhere you went there were people getting their roofs re-shingled. This year the snow levels are about normal, actually a bit low, but our temperatures have been ludicrously low. February was record breaking for extreme temperature warnings.

        All in all, ice work if you can get it – even March Break is a week later. 😀

        • We’ve been having record-breaking cold this year–morning lows around 0F with highs in the teens/low 20s. Lows should be in the mid- to upper 20s by now and highs in the 40s.

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    I feel for you ruler buddy, but what about my daughters wiener dog? In
    the winter it’s drag and squirt, drag and squirt. Somebody always has
    it worse than you.

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