Getting High on Light

03/30/2015 § 15 Comments

High Window

I might look like a useless window, but every day the home owner puts a stepladder on the landing and spends hours staring out.  Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Get a Life.”

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§ 15 Responses to Getting High on Light

  • elmediat says:

    Obviously an uplifting scene to be viewed, whether from the point of view of the photographer or the guy on the ladder. This is known as angling for an escalation of higher consciousness with out over steeping.

    “And first, for the Element that I use to trade in, which is the Air, an element of more worth than weight, an element that doubtless exceeds both the Earth and Water; for though I sometimes deal in both, yet the air is most properly mine, I and my Hawks use that most, and it yields us most recreation. ” The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton 1653

  • econhoef says:

    The homeowner should watch their steps for fear of a fall, and neck cramps from gawking out the window. Don’t forget nose bleeds from the height factor. All could result in lights out!

  • RoSy says:

    We once had a window even more useless than this one.
    It was just for show & didn’t open. Never again will I get a “fake window.”
    Live & learn.

  • NotAPunkRocker says:

    Clearly it probably never gets cleaned.

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    Get a Life!? This is the window at the prison. Could someone be planning an escape?

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    Let me explain. The homeowner is a ladder tester. He spends hours a day testing ladders for strength, safety, ease of opening, fit and finish etc.
    To a window they all look the same. Not to a ladder tester. He takes his work seriously.

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    A useless window? Not at all. This hallway and staircase would be in the dark if it wasn’t for me.

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