T.D.G. Will Appear Mon., Wed., and Fri. During June, July, and August

05/05/2015 § 21 Comments


Dear Subscribers,

Last summer I took the month of August off, the first time I missed a weekday post since I started the blog on Nov. 1, 2010.  I recently mentioned to Frank of A Frank Angle that I was NOT going to take August off this year, because I was thinking of closing down The Daily Graff on Nov. 1, the fifth anniversary of its launch.

I used to be able to create all of my blog posts for a week on Sunday and schedule them for launch.  Often now, I’m scrambling on Monday morning to create my first post for the week, and it’s often Wednesday before I finish the week’s posts.  After almost 1,200 posts, it’s getting hard to come up with enough photos, tiles, and captions to feed a weekday photoblog.

Frank suggested going to 3 days a week, so I’m going to try that for the summer, with the option of returning to 5 days a week in September.

In addition to trying to make some additional income from my photography, I’ve just been asked to write skits for Intergalactic Space Rangers, an international collaboration of creative people in the process of launching a TV series, a YouTube audio series, a comic strip, and a radio show.  I need to spend some serious time figuring out all that they do and how I can contribute.  I’ve also just started taking guitar lessons.  Although retired, I’m determined to be “off my rocker.”

Thank you all for your loyalty.  I couldn’t have sustained a daily blog this long without your support.


Photo: “Lazy Afternoon.”  One of the Daily Graff photos available at FineArtAmerica.

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§ 21 Responses to T.D.G. Will Appear Mon., Wed., and Fri. During June, July, and August

  • RoSy says:

    You do what you gotta’ do. And – all the best to you with your new projects. They sound busy but fun!
    See you on MWF (or when I catch my breaks between posts – kids keep me super busy).

  • photofoxed says:

    As I said last year rebooting your funny bone is good. Enjoy all your reaching out for all you can to do!

  • elmediat says:

    Amazing news . Glad to see you have gotten all your kangaroos in a line – now just hop to infinity & beyond. 🙂

  • niasunset says:

    Best wishes dear John, you know I am your forever follower 🙂 You are doing great work. Thanks and Love, nia

  • econhoef says:

    You have to do what you need to do……It is what it is!!! Best to you and your new challenges!

  • I will always enjoy your posts whether they are each day or very occasional. I’m glad to see you’re expanding to do some new things. I think you’ll find it will liven up your blog to have new experiences feeding your inspiration. I hope you’ll blog about some of your new interests whether here or in a different format. Change is good!

    • Thanks, Sheri, for your comment and support. I’ve cornered the WP domain called JohnArthurRobinson.com, keeping it in reserve for a different type of blog if I decide I want to do something different.

  • You know I still read your blogs even though I am away from blogging at the moment, and I do know you will be missed if you do decide you are going to shut it down completely.

    It is great news on all the other fronts though and I am proud of you for what you have done. Well done John. Keep up the exceptional work and make sure you have time for yourself

  • Trish K. says:

    Sounds like you may be busier now that you have “retired.” I enjoy the daily posts and am sure that I will enjoy them three days a week, instead. I am very glad to hear you are beginning a new “amusing adventure” with audio, video and comic book interaction. It should prove interesting as well as entertaining. You do good work! Maybe we will really be seeing you in the funny papers?

    • Thanks, Trish. I would need to have multiple personalities to do all that I want to do. After working over 3 decades in a left-brain job, I’m going off in all kinds of creative directions. At least now I have the time and energy to “be all that I can be.”

  • Lori says:

    I am so proud of you, John! Be a Rolling Stone and don’t let the moss gather!

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