Announcing “The End”

04/02/2017 § 27 Comments

Dear Followers,

This is not an “April Fools” joke.  I have decided that, after almost seven years, I will be discontinuing this blog.  The last post will be Friday, June 2, 2017. I am finding it harder and harder to come up with enough photos to keep the blog going, and all too frequently I am just one step ahead of you, coming up with a photo, title, and caption the day before (or just hours) before a post is due.

I am humbled that over 1,200 of you have invited me into your e-mail inbox, and I have seen it as my responsibility to never miss a scheduled post. For the same reason that I went from an every-weekday blog a few years ago to a M-W-F blog, I find that I must call it quits. Quite simply, maintaining this blog is too much like work and has stopped being fun.

I will most miss the interaction with the handful of faithful commenters, and I offer them the option of continuing our friendship through e-mail* (my e-address is under the About/Contact Me link on the blog home page). I will continue to try to visit and leave comments on the blogs of yours that I follow.

Thanks for the memories.


*This especially applies to you, Ken, because your going through Graff-withdrawal symptoms might be how the Cookie crumbles.

§ 27 Responses to Announcing “The End”

  • elmediat says:

    A pundaster of epic portions indeed. Quite understandable, when the phun is gone , time to look for something more rewarding. Hope there will be a blog of another colour to follow. Happy Trails. 🙂

  • niasunset says:

    I can’t believe this dear John. Please don’t go. You can stop the notifications, etc. because I can understand you very well. After some times it becomes crazy to respond, to comment, to post…. I don’t know what can I say more, but made me so sad now. You know I love follow you and read your daily humors and photographs. I wish you all the best dear John! Love, nia

    • Thanks Nia, I have greatly enjoyed our friendship. I have an idea for a different blog that doesn’t involve funny captions and has no set posting schedule. I’ll make an announcement about it in the last post.

      • niasunset says:

        I am so glad to hear this, I will be following you wherever you go. Welcome and Thank you dear John, Good Luck, Love, nia

  • Cookie Oprzadek says:

    NO MORE GRAFF !!!!! IT CAN’T BE TRUE. I hope it will not be necessary for me to leave the civilization of northeast Ohio & travel to the wilds of Athens to hug some sense into you…don’t make me come down there !!!!
    What are you going to do with all your free time ? Does your Lady H. know that you may be constantly under foot ? And is she OK with this, and will she need counseling ?
    Seriously, when it stops being fun, it’s time to stop…even if it means Kenny’s world may stop spinning.
    Keep in touch, you’ll have to b/c WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.
    Thanks for the almost seven year ride.
    Cookie & her Ken

    • Thanks, Cookie. Lady H. is still working full time. It is I who have to face HER being underfoot when she retires. I need the time to bring in more income so she CAN retire.

  • sprocket1 says:

    John, You ARE the sunshine coming through the window each and every time you blog. You give light to the Daffs(Daffodills) who soak up your rays each and every time you blog. You have a very special talent and sometimes it “Pun”ishes us. You have provided more joy than you will know. Thanks so much!

  • Trish says:

    Sorry to see you go, John. I do understand the reasons. I have enjoyed your posts very much.

  • Al says:

    You will be missed John, but you won’t escape me. I have your email address and I’m not afraid to use it,

    • I’ve never welcomed a threat so much in my life. You can’t escape me by hiding behind those cliffs, either!

      • Al says:

        I do understand why you are giving it up. When it becomes a chore, that’s when you know it is time to step away. I wouldn’t mind seeing the occasional one if you decide to do that.

        Ultimately though, it’s your choice John.

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    I can see you breathing a sigh of relief as this weight is lifted from your shoulders. But I see the emptiness in my INBOX. Feel free to contact
    me any time. Do you know of any similar blogs?

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    Somebody said find something that’s fun and you never have to hate
    going to work. I know you’ve enjoyed doing your blogs. I wouldn’t
    mind getting an ‘occasional’ blog.

  • renegade4god says:

    I hope Ken doesn’t toss his virtual- or tangible- cookies in his withdrawal. I am pleased, John, that you & I will continue to PUNish our fellow congregants.

  • ksbeth says:

    I’m sorry to see you go john. But I understand. Once it becomes work it loses its luster. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and wish you well.

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