My New Blog Is Now LIVE!

07/01/2017 § 3 Comments

The site is live with the announced weekly features in place: This Week’s Wisdom, This Week’s Photo, This Week’s Words.

The home page looks like this [click on image below to go to site].

If you view the site on your mobile device, you will see each of the above post squares one-after-the-other on your screen, and the navigation menu items along the top will be hidden under a little “Menu” icon (where you might never see them).

Here are the Navigation Menu Items:

My Photos As Blank Greeting Cards, Photo Prints, Canvas Prints, etc. ( — featuring Daily Graff Photos. Single Greeting Card = $4.20.  Pack of 10 Cards = $2.15 per card.  Pack of 25 Cards = $1.65 per card.   Prints as low as $18 each. [Click on image below to see entire collection.]

My well-reviewed book of humor ( – $8.99) “What a fantastically funny piece of writing. I absolutely loved it….All I can say is brilliant, excellent and highly recommended.” –Julie Elizabeth Powell, author of “Julie’s Quick Picks,” The LL Book Review. [Click on image below to go to Amazon]

This is my last-ever Daily Graff post, so I hope you will visit the new site (and maybe check out the items above).

Thank you again for following my posts on this site. — John

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§ 3 Responses to My New Blog Is Now LIVE!

  • Ken Oprzadek says:

    Many people today have not the slightest plan for the future. It is no wonder they are disappointed in the future.

    • I’ve had more of a plan since I retired than I did during the 36 years I worked at OU. I should have taken risks to lead a more creative life DECADES ago.

  • Al says:

    o7 (a salute – see the head, with the arm folded over)

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