An Uplifting Career

10/28/2016 § 12 Comments


We Earth-bound water droplets can achieve great heights in only two ways–to be part of a fountain or a waterfall. We’re all grateful for this gig.  Waterfall droplets end up on the rocks.

The dancing waters fountain at The Island, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Can’t Chill OUT!

07/25/2016 § 13 Comments

2016_07_25 Blue Flower

I’ve heard some of the other houseplants chant “Live Free or Die,” but I’d miss the air conditioning.

They’ll Find Holes In His Story

04/11/2016 § 9 Comments

Holey Reflection

JACKPOT!  We sunbeams live for a chance to be artistic.  When we leave here I’m going to have to try to be humble.

I’m Sure THAT Cheered Him Up

02/24/2016 § 8 Comments

Basking Plant

No, I do understand, Mr. Tree.  I would be upset too if I had to be out in the bitter cold watching an indoor plant enjoying heavenly warmth, ideal humidity, regular feedings, frequent grooming, and owners who lavish me with love and adoration.  Did I mention the great view?

Maybe If You Got the Lead Out . . .

02/01/2016 § 9 Comments

Flower Basket Stained Glass

One’s reputation is important,
but mine’s in question, alas;
since the day I was born,
they’ve called me stained glass.

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