My New Blog Is Now LIVE!

07/01/2017 § 3 Comments

The site is live with the announced weekly features in place: This Week’s Wisdom, This Week’s Photo, This Week’s Words.

The home page looks like this [click on image below to go to site].

If you view the site on your mobile device, you will see each of the above post squares one-after-the-other on your screen, and the navigation menu items along the top will be hidden under a little “Menu” icon (where you might never see them).

Here are the Navigation Menu Items:

My Photos As Blank Greeting Cards, Photo Prints, Canvas Prints, etc. ( — featuring Daily Graff Photos. Single Greeting Card = $4.20.  Pack of 10 Cards = $2.15 per card.  Pack of 25 Cards = $1.65 per card.   Prints as low as $18 each. [Click on image below to see entire collection.]

My well-reviewed book of humor ( – $8.99) “What a fantastically funny piece of writing. I absolutely loved it….All I can say is brilliant, excellent and highly recommended.” –Julie Elizabeth Powell, author of “Julie’s Quick Picks,” The LL Book Review. [Click on image below to go to Amazon]

This is my last-ever Daily Graff post, so I hope you will visit the new site (and maybe check out the items above).

Thank you again for following my posts on this site. — John

A Beginning and THE END

06/02/2017 § 20 Comments

A BEGINNING: The feature you have come to know as the “Weekend Postcards” will continue (starting July 1) as “This Week’s Wisdom” on my new, eclectic, WEEKLY blog:

If you want to see what I’ll be up to (after a month off), you can go there now to check out the layout or to subscribe, but I will post a reminder here when the posts start on the new site.

The new site will not have funny-captioned photos, and it will be less structured. In addition to an inspirational quote each week, I will post a feature photo (“This Week’s Photo”) and a paragraph or an essay (“This Week’s Words”) on whatever topic strikes my fancy (sometimes humorous, sometimes serious).

THE END: THANK you for following me, for all the “likes,” and for all the stimulating, engaging comments.  It has been a privilege to have been invited into your inboxes.  I took the responsibility seriously: I never missed a scheduled post in all the past seven years.  Here is the post that started it all on November 1, 2010:

Don’t Mess with Me Today!

And now, for those of you who like numbers, here are the final statistics:

John’s Not ENTIRELY Stumped

05/31/2017 § 16 Comments

Here I stand, fitting image for the end of the laffs;
John’s moving on from writing Daily Graffs.

The last post on this blog will be the day after tomorrow, June 2, 2017. (Launched Nov. 1, 2010.)

Almost the Last Graff

05/29/2017 § 25 Comments

THE END IS NEAR, but a setting sun will rise.  This blog will stop, but inspiration never dies.

The last post on this blog will be on June 2, 2017. (Launched Nov. 1, 2010.)

21 Daily Graff Photos Now on My Signature Line of Tote Bags

05/28/2017 § 3 Comments

SSALE: $15 off with code: ARTSTYLE15.  Offer expires today, May 28th, at midnight PST.

I have used images that have appeared as Daily Graff photos over the last 7 years to create my own line of tote bags.  Click on the image below to see all 21 designs. [Design shown: “White Empress”– See post that used this photo here]

The last post on this blog will be on June 2, 2017. Launched Nov. 1, 2010. This is the last SUNDAY post.

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