Their Assertiveness Training Paid Off

03/15/2017 § 14 Comments

STOP!  We REFUSE to let you photograph us until you move us into the SPOTLIGHT!

That’s better. Proceed.

Those Other Guys Must Be on STEROIDS!

03/13/2017 § 13 Comments

This is the third year we’ve lost the annual Sprout-Off.  I don’t want to DO this again!

Weekend Postcard #15

03/11/2017 § 12 Comments

For 40+ Saturdays, I shared the humorous fictional letters from my book More Later, Lyle’s Letters from the University. Now on Saturdays I’m sharing an inspirational quote.

Well, Let Me Think . . .

03/10/2017 § 11 Comments


It either snowed last night, or there was an explosion in a powdered-sugar factory, unless any of you can think of any other viable, verifiable alternative.


03/08/2017 § 7 Comments


We need a bigger house, Harold, and a bigger back yard, and bigger children, and a bigger outlook on life, and . . .

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