“Hi, My Name Is Bloom, and I Am a . . .”

12/02/2016 § 11 Comments


How does something as beautiful as I am emerge from a plain green leaf?  (I really need to find a Narcissists Anonymous Meeting.)

SQUASH that Rumor!

11/30/2016 § 12 Comments


STAY UP HERE, CHILDREN!  That pumpkin has a contagious disease that has already killed the pumpkin next to him!

Differing Ideas of PURPOSE

11/28/2016 § 12 Comments


I am a very upright freezer.  I consider my highest achievement to be layers and layers of frost!  At least once a year, my cruel owners destroy my work!

An Ulterior Motive

11/26/2016 § 2 Comments

FOR THE PAST 42 SATURDAYS, I have shared the humorous fictional letters from my book.  The reason?  My publisher, Red Axe Books (UK), does not have an advertising budget.  Neither do I.  Since the book was published in March, 2015, only one copy has sold. (Continue reading below.)


I have shared the letters to generate interest in the book.  If you found the letters funny (I hope hilarious), consider giving the book as a gift for any occasion, or as a unique stocking stuffer.

Available at the Amazon site for your country or at Amazon U.S. for $6.99 here or at Amazon U.K. for £4.99 here.

The letters started as a hobby and were written one-at-a-time over a ten-year period.  As I wrote each letter, I mailed it (in a stamped envelope) to the “E” addressed in the letters, my good friend of over three decades, Elona Lucas.


P.S. I have deleted the Saturday Bonus Posts, BUT I have copied and pasted into one Word document all of the comments left on each letter.

Wanted a Wide-Screen TV

11/25/2016 § 9 Comments


This is the LAST time I go shopping on Black Friday!  NO bargains are worth this!

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