Practice Session

05/06/2016 § 5 Comments

Silk Choir

You sopranos were a beat behind at the crescendo.  Let’s pick it up at the chorus.

It’s STILL a Garden Party!

03/02/2016 § 15 Comments

Snow on Patio Table

The next time Betty invites us to a breakfast on her patio, someone check the calendar.

Smiles Would Have Cost Too Much

02/19/2016 § 14 Comments


They paid a sculptor to immortalize us in stone, and we end up looking like Curly, Sleepy, and Ugly.

Never Trust a Friend Called Mack. The Knife.

02/17/2016 § 13 Comments

Sliced Bread

Don’t worry.  They’ll dress your cuts with butter and then . . .

And If You Have Fun, We’ll Have to Kill You

11/06/2015 § 25 Comments

Ridges Sign

No Captions Allowed

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