But You Took Time to RHYME!

02/27/2017 § 10 Comments


Going UP? Step up to the plate!
I offer free rides at a steady rate.
I ‘ll save you time; you won’t be late;
what I do best is escalate!


02/24/2017 § 9 Comments


Don’t call me “a houseplant.”  Note my creation of oak-leaf patterns in oval frames.  It would be like calling Picasso “a man.”

A Handle on Self-Importance

02/22/2017 § 12 Comments


I’m a shining example of the bare essentials.


02/20/2017 § 7 Comments


We’re a really small operation, and there’s absolutely no market for microscopic oranges, but every day when I climb this ladder, I get high.

It Went to His Head (and Stayed There)

02/17/2017 § 10 Comments


Not today, Honey.  The last time you went out I thought I was never going to get your knit cap off.

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