New Daily Graff Photos at FineArtAmerica

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Click on the links below the images to see full-screen versions of my latest offerings at FineArtAmerica:

Pathway to the Light

Pathway to the Light (taken at The Washington National Cathedral)

Home Owner

Home Owner (a digitally enhanced “painting” of our dog, “Holly”)

Green Eden

Green Eden



Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

See ALL of the available images here.

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P.S.  The Greeting cards are $4.45 each,  $2.25/card (in packs of 10), or $1.75/card (in packs of 25).

“There Will Be an Answer, Leaf It Be”

07/10/2013 § 12 Comments


PLANTS!  I know our window blind is closed, but this is NOT a miracle!  It’s just sunlight coming from the dining room window.  I’m sure that the soul-searching you just did wasn’t wasted, but you’re not going to have to account for your lives just yet.  Still, if you have any addictions, vices, or bad habits, use this as a wake-up call to root them out.  Even near-religious experiences don’t come along every day.

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Slow That Speed Bake DOWN!

06/17/2013 § 13 Comments


SPEED BAKE!  It’s Left Rear here.  You are not having a heavenly vision!  A glass knick-knack on the windowsill is causing the rainbow, so quit singing at the top of your lungs!  You’re going to feel pretty silly in 15 minutes when the rainbow is on me and I just put on sunglasses.

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Unending Grace

02/27/2013 § 9 Comments

2013_02_27 Saying Grace Picture

Lord, I’ve been asking you to bless this food for many, many years now, so if the painter is still alive, PLEASE get him to paint me eating something!

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He Gets the LAST Laugh

11/29/2012 § 8 Comments

I am the Final Door.  Beyond me lies ETERNITY.  You wouldn’t
believe how many people get to the bottom of these steps
and say, “I must have sprained my ankle.  Can I just sit in the
stairwell for a few years?”  They shudder when I whisper,
“It goes against my grain.”

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