New Daily Graff Photos at FineArtAmerica

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Click on the links below the images to see full-screen versions of my latest offerings at FineArtAmerica:

Pathway to the Light

Pathway to the Light (taken at The Washington National Cathedral)

Home Owner

Home Owner (a digitally enhanced “painting” of our dog, “Holly”)

Green Eden

Green Eden



Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

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Doesn’t Miss ALL the Festivities

05/09/2013 § 7 Comments


I’ve been out here by myself for 3 years now.  I was only 2 feet high when she bought me for her office upstairs.  I responded to her loving care by outgrowing the room.  She still takes good care of me, but I miss all the office gossip and birthday parties.  I DID hate it when she decorated me for Christmas, though.  Tinsel tickles.

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Someone MIGHT Film “Murder in a Conservatory”

02/23/2012 § 13 Comments

Lush, dense foliage and tropical trees surround a path in a conservatory.

Ah, we have the life.  Perfect weather every day, no worries
about too little or too much water, a frondly atmosphere.
My only complaint is that I can’t audition for on-location
jungle flicks.

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Over the Top (down the . . .)

01/31/2012 § 18 Comments

Long, narrow waterfall amid tropical foilage in a greenhouse

with the flow.”  So I go over the top, down the waterfall, into
the pool, into the pump, back up the pipes, over the top. . . .
It’s not the monotony that’s killing me.  It’s THE FLOW!

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